No one to help if you get lost or hurt. 

Location: Safe Harbor Park &

Enola Low Grade Trail 

PARALLELING THE Susquehanna River. 

 Beta Tested: Aug. 19th, 2017

A. Webster, Bel Air MD  1:04 hr  4.2 miles

B. Kohler,  East Pete, PA 1:28 hr  4.2 miles

E. Mulenberg,  Pottstown, PA  1:29 hr 4.2 miles

F. Kohler, Lancaster, PA  1:34 hr  4.2 miles

​50 % Slope in sections

Expert runners only, no whiners or complainers

August 26, 2018, Sunday-- 12:00 Noon Start

 Trail Run in Safe Harbor, PA  (Lancaster County)  4.2, 8.4 & 12.6 Miles

Easy access from  Route 222, 272,741, Long Ln,

Lancaster, Millersville, Willow Street  & Columbia

Parking on Power House Rd.